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East West University Celebrates New Student Life Center

Hlabird & Root was pleased to be a part of the Grand Opening of the new Student Life Center. In attendance was Principal in Charge-Jeff Case, Project Architect-Greg Grunloh, and Project Coordinator-Jamison McBride. Holabird & Root participated as a sponsor of the even as well. 

Our firm recently completed the design and oversaw the construction of the new Student Life Center.  This design-build project produced a multi-story tower that expresses openness by blending the environs of the site with the academic experience inside the building. High visibility is key in the firm’s design approach to strive for mutual interaction. The “marquee” of the building - a glass column that flows from the 2nd to 17th floor - showcases activities in the vertical student lounge to the city. Instead of presenting itself as an ivory tower, the new Student Life Center at East-West University offers inviting social space to engage the surrounding communities.

By offering an immersive experience of the city, the new Student Life Center turns the surrounding cityscape into an extension of the classroom. The dormitories on the upper floors are designed so that every single room has a view of the city and the lake. Almost all usable spaces in the building have views to the city and lake as well, as a result of the recessed walls and the heavy use of glass panels. With facilities such as a library, student support spaces, computer labs, an auditorium, and athletic center, the Student Life Center creates a holistic educational experience with all the civic and cultural resources downtown Chicago has to offer.

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