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James baird

James Baird Speaks at Tradelines

Design Principal James Baird, FAIA, LEED AP recently presented at the Tradelines 23rd Annual College & University Science Facilities Conference. In the presentation, "Fostering Interdisciplinary Science in Undergraduate Education," James, along with Beloit College's Kohnstamm Professor of Chemistry and Project Director, Dr. Brock Spencer, discussed how the formal disciplines of science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) should no longer be viewed as separate trees of knowledge that grow independently of one another. The real breakthroughs in science are taking place at the intersections of these disciplines. These intersections not only occur in the branches, but also at the very roots of inquiry and students engaged in scientific investigation should be exposed to these roots at an early stage in their education. Beloit College's new Center for the Sciences illustrates how such a facility can be planned and designed to support this kind of interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning at the undergraduate level.

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