Thoughts: Holabird Blog for 2012

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Last Fridays Allow Learning to Continue

Every month, Holabird & Root holds a Last Friday Seminar for all our staff as an opportunity for education, discussion, and fun. These events center around projects, ideas, or issues within the architectural and engineering world. 

For the Last Friday Seminar in January, Tom Palazzolo, a distinguished Chicago artist, presented and led a discussion regarding his own work. Palazzolo holds a Masters Degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and is best known for his short films and documentaries which have been featured at The Cannes film festival, The Chicago Art Institute Modern Wing, The Chicago Historical Society, Facets Multimedia in Chicago, The New York Film Festival, and The Robert Flaherty International Film Seminar in Boston. In addition, his films have led to one man shows at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.  For Palazzolo’s presentation at Holabird & Root, he screened several of his short films including one on the late photographer Vivian Maier. In addition, he presented slides of his paintings and photos, many of which highlight the City of Chicago and the beauty of things forgotten, bizarre, and humorous.

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The Results Are In

An interesting article proves what Holabird & Root has known for some time now – creating connections between the inside and outside of a laboratory can enhance the overall student experience. The article, authored by David Van Wylen and Mary Walczak, provides data on the impact the St. Olaf College’s new Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences has had on students. Designed by Holabird & Root, the LEED Platinum certified Regents Hall is designed to create visual connections to spaces outside the laboratory, either interior or outdoor spaces.  The article includes the results of student surveys that indicate students in Regents Hall enjoy coming to the laboratory more, are better able to stay focused, and are less anxious to leave the laboratory at the end of the lab session.

Check out the article for more information.