Erido Tower Mixed-Use Development Master Plan

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      Located in the historical Bahow region of Al-Naseria, Iraq, the Erido Tower provides 16 stories of residential apartments and condominiums atop a two-story commercial podium with two stories of underground parking and facilities below. Public plazas, gardens, and playgrounds are included in the at the ground level to encourage pedestrian traffic from the principal roads on either side of the 473,000 sq. ft. site. 

      In response to Iraq’s extreme climate, each residence’s balcony is equipped with movable screens, which both limit exposure to the sun and continually reconfigure the building’s facade. As the massing of the residential tiers descend to the west, the resulting terraces maximize views of the neighboring Euphrates River from a lush rooftop garden.

      Further to the east, at the building’s tallest point, the design incorporates an 18-story glass tower that reflects the modern development of the Al-Naseria city center.