J&J Arnaco Monroe Building Rehabilitation

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  • 2013 Chicago Landmark Award for Preservation Excellence - Restoration
  • Landmarks Illinois' Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards, Restoration Project of the Year
  • Chicago Building Congress Merit Award for Rehab Construction

The Monroe Building was originally built by Holabird & Root in 1912. As one of Chicago's most distinguished office buildings, it had aged and faced being converted itno a condominium and parking facility. 

When the current owners purchased the 226,000 sq. ft. building, they saw the potential of this architectural gem and committed to a complete renovation and restoration of the building on a scale rarely attempted.

The historic elements of the Romanesque building, including the façade, were repaired or restored to the highest of preservation standards. The roof was restored to its original profiles and re-clad with custom tiles manufactured by the original manufacturer.

The resulting project combines the best elements of meticulous restoration with modernization to meet the demands of a building built for the future.