Northwestern University Cafe & Atrium Expansion

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  • 2015 ALA Design Awards, Silver Award, Institutional Category

This three-story addition is located directly south of the existing atrium, between the Rubloff Building and McCormick/Coon. 

The first floor program comprised of the café with an adjacent seating area.  The double-height seating area occupies a space physically separate from the cafeteria so the seating can be used for lectures, meetings, and other similar events even when the café is not in operation.

The second floor provides a connection from Coon to Rubloff near the south face of the new addition.  This connection traverses enclosed group study areas and a series of study balconies overlooking the café seating below.  Remodeled areas within the existing library include several new offices.  

Square Footage: 20,541 sq. ft.