Taneh Puteh Residential Tower

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      Holabird & Root received the opportunity to submit a design for a riverfront residential tower development in Kuching, Malaysia. A lot of thought was given toward the constraints of local codes, such as special building setbacks, half-height limits, and site conditions like orientation, riverfront situation, the bridge across Sungai Santubong River on the southeast side of the site, and higher underground water table. As response to those constraints, the scheme of two towers was chosen. At lower levels a large podium provides connection between the two towers as well as amenity, public space, and a sundeck to encourage the sense of community. The design incorporates a 30-story tower plus penthouse on 160,500 gross square feet of site area. At a proposed 322 feet tall, the tower includes residential space in the form of both loft apartments and condominiums. The innovative concept is designed to provide for both a unique, futuristic massing and a maximized view of the river.